The Secret of Coworking with Your Spouse Decoded By Marriage Counselor Shivani

The Secret of Coworking with Your Spouse Decoded By Marriage Counselor Shivani

While organizations have adopted WFH (work from home) format to restrict the COVID-19 spread, situations at home for most of the working couples have turned very challenging, especially among couples who are having the same working hours.

At present, the internet is flooded with guidance and advice on how to do WFH effectively, like put real clothes on, set up a desk space that is not your bed, and goes about your morning routine as though you’re actually heading to work, etc.

BUT the advice is still missing some of the critical issues that couples actually are facing in day to day life, “how not get into a fight with a partner when your mood has been soured by your boss or by that annoying colleague, who will do work chores during office hours, how to keep your relationship throbbing when both of you are getting each other 24×7? And others, how to manage your child’s online classes with WFH”?

India’s leading relationship expert and marriage counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo in this article decodes the secrets for couples to do co-working happily.

1. Create a daily schedule for everyone

Build a habit to devote 5 minutes every day, to prepare your next day’s schedule. Involve all your family members – ask your spouse the timing for his/her conference calls in every family member’s presence, so everyone can remember to avoid making background noises (avoid TV watching, utensil cleaning, running mixes in the kitchen, vacuum cleaner, etc. during that time). Also, schedule a time for home chores before and after office hours with your partner.

2. Plan your Kid’s studies

A major challenge that working couples are facing during WFH, is handling their kid’s online schooling. Hence try to identify the subjects that your child can do on their own and subjects that need your guidance, schedule the easy subject for the kids to do on their own, during your office hours to reduce your time devotion to teach them at end of the day. Also, try to prepare the child for the next day’s class so they can turn self-reliant for online classes.

3. Television and earphone

If you have in-laws and kids at home, surely television background noise can turn into a headache while working for your office. Perhaps it could be a good idea to buy wireless headphones for the TV, so the rest of the family members can spend their time watching TV without any noise disturbance.

4. Give yourself a buffer time

At the end of your workday, take ten to thirty minutes break to unwind yourself before making yourself available to spend with your partner and family. This “buffer time” can help you to release any stresses from the workday, get relaxed, and then help you to get prepare for the family members. Hence, take a shower, change clothes, take another walk, and 20 minutes’ power nap.

5. Separate your workspaces

Being productive and efficient during WFH hours will help you stay happy and avoid stress to a large extent. Hence make the arrangements so you can work with full concentration and give yourself and your partner the proper space to work at their best. These arrangements could be in form of separate workstations in separate rooms, using the headphone for your conference calls, avoid talking to your partner during office hours, etc.

6. Use this time for Special moments 

Remember once you will be back to the old routine, again a large chunk of your daily life will be eaten by commutation to the office, and back home, your time to devote for your partner will again get limited to weekends. And, in most of those weekends, you would be again questioning yourself to get yourself rest to get rid of the weeklong tiredness or spend some romantic moments with your spouse.

Hence take the advantage of the fact that you and your partner are getting time together that you don’t usually get. Hence eat your breakfasts, lunches, and dinner together, get to bed early and spend quality and intimate moments together.

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