Online Individual and Marriage Counseling

With Counsellor Shivani Misri Sadhoo

Online Couples Counseling

Counselor Shivani at Saarthi Counselling Services says that trying to schedule a regular, face to face appointments for marriage and couples counseling amid a busy, hectic world can be quite challenging if not impossible. Let’s accept it, most people nowadays are employed in jobs that mostly demands frequent travel or working on odd hours.

This is a plain fact of life for several individuals or couples

Counselor Shivani says thankfully, there exist several mediums to take part in couples and marriage counseling that lets two individuals in a relationship the ability to engage in counseling without physically being present at the counselor’s office.

Online marriage counseling at Saarthi Counselling Services provides many practical benefits through skype counseling and e-counseling.

Who Should Consider Online Marriage/Couples Counseling?

Virtual or online couples counseling is usually appropriate for people who find it quite challenging to make in-person appointments on a consistent basis. An instance of this could be one partner in the relationship who works a split-shift or a person who frequently travels out of the city. Other instances include people serving in the armed forces, or serving as medical professionals in some other city or are in some manner mostly on the move.

Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo says Marriage/Couples counseling online can also be beneficial for premarital counseling, which normally requires several appointments over the course of time.

In seasons like winter, or local and national emergencies such as lockdowns, and pandemics, online couples, and marriage counseling can definitely be an excellent option given how difficult traveling on roads can be.

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How does online marriage/couples counseling work?

Though, there is a concept that stresses on the point that the couple will need to meet with the counselor at least once in a face to face session in order to develop rapport and cover the fundamentals of the couples counseling process. But it is not a hardcore rule to follow. Circumstances often bring some challenges. And in today’s time where almost the entire world is living under pandemic, and working from home mostly, so in that case, the concept of virtual or online couples counseling is certainly the best norm and is the necessity. After all your safety is also a priority.

Is Online Marriage Counseling Effective When Compared to Face to Face Counseling?

Counselor Shivani says few research and studies suggest that online therapy is more impactful than traditional therapy. Because when the counselor works with the couple both online and face to face at the counselor’s office counselors mostly have the opportunity to notice the difference between how the same couples behave while in the counselor’s office and at home.

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What Kind of Technology is Needed?

In the majority of the cases, Skype and Zoom are the mediums that are used for online marriage and couples counseling. There could be instances where a different medium might be used. Online marriage counseling and couples counseling is conducted over a secure, encrypted data stream when using Skype. And all your session details are completely safe and remain confidential.

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What Else You Still Need to Know?

Mostly, marriage and couples counseling online are as successful as a face to face counseling. But it is not appropriate for everyone. For instance, couples or a partner who has a history of domestic violence will not be a good fit for online counseling.

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The Benefits of Online Marriage or Couples Counseling

  • It is easily accessible.
  • Ideal during Pandemic
  • It is convenient and hassle-free
  • It gives you complete privacy
  • It is more comfortable
  • It helps to save more of your time
  • It is useful for both long-distance couples and couples who work on odd hours.

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