Keys to Rejuvenating Intimacy and Desire in a Long-Term Relationship

Keys to Rejuvenating Intimacy and Desire in a Long-Term Relationship

Being in love feels simply amazing. You constantly seek someone who can hold your hand forever. You constantly wait to have someone to spend the rest of your life with. And once you find the right person, or forever soulmate, you make promises of being forever and are willing to go beyond your limits to prove your love for the special one.

But, does love remain the same for the rest of life?

Marriage Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo says well, several couples face a decline in desire when they settle into a long-term relationship. And because of this, one might even think that time causes passion to disappear. As you grow old in life, you do less work on rejuvenating intimacy as your role in your lover’s and dear ones’ lives starts to change.

So, how to get back that intimacy in a marriage?

As per the study, the long-term relationship needs to be enhanced to improve the quality of the relationship and keep it happy, content, and healthy. So, read on this blog, by India’s top Marriage Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo to know how to increase intimacy and the secret to desire in a long-term relationship.

Reasons for Issues in Marriage Intimacy

Post being together in a relationship for a long time, couples begin to take each other for granted and think that their partner will always stay by them irrespective of what they do. This is when the lack of intimacy in marriage comes into the picture.

Life is all about ups and downs, and when you begin to desire more and more attention, you may give less attention to your partner. After a certain time, as you do not take any steps for rejuvenating intimacy, your partner seems to lack affection in marriage and begins to think that you no longer wish to keep the relationship going.

How to Form Emotional Intimacy in Marriage?

Look to bring back the satisfaction, joy, and excitement, and emotional intimacy in your marriage or relationship.

How to spice up your long-term relationship?

There are several things for you two to do for rejuvenating intimacy, says Shivani. Like go together for a romantic dinner or go for an intimate date. You can also opt for camping and get cut off from the rest of the world, and spend some time exploring each other again.

During this moment, forget all about the unpleasant and challenging tasks in life, such as your work, the expectations, in-laws, or the kids.

This must become one of your special moments in life to share nothing but happiness and contentment between you two. You do not really have to spend a fortune simply to impress your partner to improve or bolster intimacy in marriage. You need to simply create a moment of love to refresh your relationship.

Why is Rejuvenating Intimacy in a Marriage Required?

Intimacy issues in marriage over a certain period of time are normal. Post being with one another for a long time, living together will get dull and unattractive if neither of you is into doing something new to foster intimacy in marriage, every now and then.

There are several reasons why rejuvenating intimacy and refreshing the relationship is required. If you do not take steps to spice up your marital life, this could lead to a dull relationship. This may cause drift. Some reasons why you need to work on your relationship are:

·       Your special one feels unappreciated or unacknowledged

·       There is a constant lack of connection and responsiveness

·       Boredom has crept within marriage with the same routine, you both follow

·       Lack or absence of physical intimacy

·       Negativity in your relationship

·       Loss of complete self

When it comes to rejuvenating intimacy and making unexpected physical contact can bring a certain unexpected pleasure to your partner, and it does not necessarily have to be anything sexual at all.

All of a sudden, giving a hug out of the blue may also bring a surprised smile to your loved one’s face and plays a great role in rejuvenating intimacy. Give an effort to understand and accept how both of you feel, specifically with the wants, wishes, and desires that you two have.

Spend Some Time Together

Couple time in any relationship is absolutely essential. Over the period, individuals in a relationship tend to become isolated. Spouses seem to spend lesser leisure time with their loved ones as the time grows, leading to a change in the relationship quality.

Sit together and make a list of the things you two have been wishing to do. It could be anything, as long as both of you can love and enjoy it together. Do not hog the priority. Post doing what you want, do what your partner desires. In a manner, it would be sharing the joy and love you two have.

Just remember, what it was like to be in love when you two first began dating. You two were so much in love that you could ignore each other’s flaws and love each other without any reason and judgment. What was it about you, that your significant other found to be so loving and attractive?

At times the tunnel is quite long and a long-term relationship or marriage is not mandatorily a full-time honeymoon period. But all you have to do is to hold on and not give up.

Try to get back those things that you and your partner enjoyed the most doing together to rejuvenate the love lost in your relationship.

Always remain positive in your relationship no matter how difficult the situation gets. Make certain whatever decision you make is mutually beneficial. At the same moment, positivity in any relationship is essential, no matter how hard the situations are.

Couples who share the feeling of love and joy in their lives are the ones that would likely last and be happy all the way. Getting back to your loved one would help you experience that lasting happiness. However, always remember that your partner should be willing to get back into a relationship with you.

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