Identifying Depression: 5 Signs You Should Never Ignore

Identifying Depression: 5 Signs You Should Never Ignore

Suggests Psychologist Shivani Misri Sadhoo

When one thinks of depression, the most widespread emotion to describe this condition is sadness. This problematic mindset causes several people, with or without depression, to think that is all there is to it.

But counselor Shivani says depression is far more than only sadness. The truth is that depression encompasses various symptoms. Some are physical, while some are emotional. What is more, is that sadness or feeling “the blues” may only sometimes apply. Some symptoms of depression that can manifest with depression may honestly surprise you. Therefore, it is important to consider the signs to identify depression and why you must not ignore them.

In this blog, India’s eminent Psychologist Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares her insights on identifying depression.

Here, they are.


Anger appears to be the polar opposite of sadness, and yet, anger is a sign of depression. The reason why is complicated. Mostly, depression causes a person to feel powerless, which compounds various issues. When one feels powerless to do anything about his/her situation, they act out. You frequently live on a short fuse, ready to lash out at any given time. Another reason is that anger serves as a kind of emotional protection. If you lash out at someone, they do not have the chance to hurt you emotionally.


Most of you have to work to make a living. Well, what about when you overwork? Do you put in long and unwanted hours at the office, or even have a part-time job to stay busy? What about volunteering for some organizations in your free time? For some, the idea of having nothing to do is terrifying. Chiefly because work serves as a distraction from experiencing the feelings that one has.


For a few, the effects of depression cause them only to pay attention to what they are feeling. In entire reality, they will welcome a distraction not to have to think about it why they are depressed. This lack of focus might also make it difficult for one to make decisions. You might feel so overwhelmed by making even easier choices.


Another visible symptom of depression that you should never ignore is diet. But how can your food be a depression symptom? Just think about it, have you ever felt so stressed that you ended up mindlessly eating? Is constant snacking an issue? When you do eat, do you opt for nutritious foods or those filled with sugar, high salt, fat, and empty carbohydrates? On the one hand, a poor diet selection will affect your body and your mindset. While on other hand, your body and mindset will affect your eating habits, as well.


Mostly, people who report feeling depressed say that they have less or no energy. They cannot gather the energy to get out of the house, let alone work effectively. It is an interesting physiological association between the body and the mind. If earlier you used to have lots of energy but are now struggling, then it might be a sign of depression.

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