How to Deepen your Intimacy During Difficult Times

How to Deepen your Intimacy During Difficult Times

Difficult times may have different outcomes for your relationship. Either it can refine or break your relationship. This is why it is so important to stay connected. Through intentional action, it is possible to deepen your intimacy during tough times.

Counselor Shivani says, having difficult times in your relationship is inevitable. No relationship can claim that it never had any unpleasant phases or hardships. They are all part of a long relationship. Sometimes it comes and goes in phases.

Often couples either do not try or are completely not in a position where they can even think of getting intimate with their partner, specifically, when the times are so hard.

However, intimacy plays an important part in keeping the relationship alive and the same is needed during tough times too.

India’s eminent marriage counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo shares how couples can deepen their intimacy during difficult times.

Here are some of the ways.

Listen to Each Other

Communication is crucial at all times in your relationship. But specifically, during difficult times, it becomes more important than ever before. As a couple, take some time to talk with and listen to each other.

Your conversations do not always have to revolve around the hard things that are happening. In fact, it is great if you intentionally discuss other, positive things apart from that situation. But this is a time to hear each one out and to help each other feel heard and seen.

Regularly Practice Optimism Together

If you are struggling, this is a good time to work together to practice optimism. Being optimistic could be a challenge, during those times, but if you hold one another accountable and approach this challenge as a unit it will be easier.

Optimism is a habit that has to be formed, so jump into the practice having that in mind. It does not mean you will never discuss or dwell on the difficult times, but it does mean you will be investing energy towards the good things, too.

Have Patience

Difficult times can profoundly affect your sense of wellbeing, and you may not feel like yourself when you are in the middle of a difficult time. You may also come across as aloof or distracted. If you see that your spouse seems down or simply not like themselves, be patient with them.

It is impossible to demand that all the things will be the same, every time, no matter what is happening in your world (or the exterior world at large). When hard times hit, be prepared to exercise patience through it all. It is not always easy, but it is worth it.

Do Not Miss the Fun

Does not matter what, work together to make and take time for play and fun. Shared activities are a must for every relationship, more so when you are going through a tough time. But beyond simply sharing interests or hobbies, look for fun, shared activities that can make you feel energized and joyful. Then, seek those out quite often.

Be Alone Together Quite Often, Whenever Possible

Intimacy needs a private or alone time to flourish, so make more of it, particularly if you are dealing with a difficult situation. Alone time opens doors of possibilities for better conversations, more physical contact, greater emotional closeness, and more shared tasks.

If you are experiencing a difficult phase in your life, focus on spending more alone time with your spouse. This time does not necessarily have to be sexual. Simply, be together as partners and companions.

Take Some Time for Physical Contact

A non-sexual touch is essential for boosting your intimacy. If you do not already take time to hold hands, cuddle, hug, physically comfort one another, and just be close, then now is a great time to do so. Simply giving the gift of your presence to your significant other can make a lasting difference in your marriage.

Make Time for Getting Physically Intimate

Mostly, couples either do not feel like it or completely ignore being physically intimate with each other during the tough phases. Getting physically intimate can be incredibly healing, and can assist to deepen a couple’s intimacy, even in the midst of turmoil. Taking the quiet time to connect on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level reinforces your love for each other and can reinvigorate both of you to face what lies ahead with each coming day.


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