Top Reasons Why Couples Argue

Top Reasons Why Couples Argue

Rahul and Apoorva dated for nearly 4 years before getting married. Before marriage, they lived in separate places and gave each other the needed space. Though they are both independent, Rahul and Apoorva truly enjoy each other’s company. They share the same interests and dreams of the future. As a married couple, they are simply in love, but they have both observed lately that they have been arguing more than normal. Rahul wonders where these conflicts are coming from, and what it means for their marriage.

Marriage counselor Shivani says If, like the above-mentioned couple, you are also alarmed by the presence of conflict in your relationship, do not worry—arguing is fine. Arguments can simply be a sign that you have become more codependent (the good kind). When you mix your routine, habits, and finances with someone else, it is completely natural for your personal differences to become more pronounced.

The reality is, as a couple, you are two separate entities working as a team. Sometimes being part of a team is a difficult task, but you may already know beforehand that working through a rough patch with your partner can draw you closer to each one. The top reasons couples argue applies to several married couples, so you are not alone.

India’s top Relationship and Marriage Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo tells us the top reasons why couples argue.


When you think or see of couples arguing, money is one of the major things that come to mind. Money matters can put lots of differences in your personalities and values in huge contrast. Money is probably something you made decisions about by yourself before being in a serious relationship, so it can be really difficult when you have to share the decision-making process.

Shared Responsibilities

Sharing your domestic space with someone you really love can be wonderful and fun, but it also means having to share up the chores. Sometimes it may feel like one person in your relationship is doing all the tasks, so little things like unloading the washing machine can come to seem like a tall ask. Things like sex, your expectations regarding the cleanliness will not necessarily be clear to each other until you take some time to discuss it.


Jealousy is hard to discuss, but it can play a big role in any good relationship. Seeing your partner talking with a coworker may make you feel unsure of his/her feelings or stir up your own sense of insecurity. Hearing about how much you enjoy your job and how successful you have been there could make your partner feel a little jealous. Both halves of every couple likely feel a little bit uncertain of themselves at times. Reaffirming that the love and respect you have for each one can help put you both at ease.


Physical intimacy is a vital part of your relationship. You and your partner may have different physical needs. Maybe you want your partner to initiate the act in bed, while your partner wants to have the act more often. Talking about what turns you on and makes you feel loved can lower down on the amount of argument you do in this important area of your relationship, in a way that feels good and satisfactory for both of you.

Poor Communication

Miscommunication or poor communication can pop up mostly when you both have plenty on your plate. In the aftermath of miscommunication, you probably feel hurt. An expectation you had was not fulfilled, you may wonder if your partner is actually listening. Sometimes you hear something different than what was actually said, or your words come out in a manner you did not mean.

Feeling of Not Being Appreciated

In closely knitted committed relationships, much of that you do is at least partially for the benefit of your partner. Feeling such as your actions are unreciprocated or unappreciated can mostly precede an argument.

Feeling Fatigued

Between juggling kids, profession, extended families, and friends, you can spread yourself a little extra thin. When you are exhausted, a little remark or a messy room can make you feel more upset than usual.

See, you and your partner are bound to lose perspective once a while but remember it is okay and normal for couples to argue.

If you notice that you and your partner are regularly bickering or getting trapped up in arguments, there might be underlying patterns that require to be addressed in a safe, open, manner like in couples counseling.

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