Reasons Why People Struggle with Laziness?

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Reasons Why People Struggle with Laziness?

Beware Laziness May Lead to Depression Warns Counselor Shivani Misri Sadhoo

Let’s assume you have always been a disciplined person. You were an academic achiever from the early stages of your school days.

However, there are specific areas in your life in which you admit that you are “lazy.” You believe you do not flourish when it comes to doing household chores. So, you hire someone to help in those areas.

Sometimes, though, it still bothers you to think that there is “laziness” in you. In several cultures, “lazy” is a very negative term.

Why is laziness such a frowned-upon trait? Is it even a trait, or is it the symptom of something else, such as anxiety, depression, or mental illness?

In this blog, India’s Top Psychologist Shivani Misri Sadhoo, will help you to examine the myth of laziness and why you need to ask—am I depressed or lazy?

The Key Difference Among Depression and Laziness

Depression and laziness have many things in common, which is why several people are misbranded as lazy.

The reason the word “lazy” mostly goes with depression is that it is a common symptom of depression and mental illness.

Depression and laziness both impact concentration, motivation, energy levels, and the quality of work produced.

The difference is this depression impacts one’s mental health and mood, while lazy people are simply unmotivated by things beyond their control because they lack self-awareness or deep insight into what motivates them.

How Would You Know if you are Depressed or Lazy?

How would you know if you are lazy? Depression feels quite dark, you will notice that it is hard to get out of bed in the morning. Not because you are so relaxed and enjoying your cozy time, but because you are sad, dejected, and feeling lackluster and hopeless.

Laziness is more of a circumstantial experience. Some days you might feel lazy because you are tired from a hectic week. On the other hand, depression can last for several weeks or months irrespective of how much rest you get.

Actual Laziness Could be a Myth

Some people may argue that actual laziness is a moral failure, else a temperament is a myth.

Certainly, everyone has days where he/she is voluntarily and blissfully lazy. When you take a day off, for instance. Being lazy is a way of self-care. The space to watch TV, order your favorite food, and enjoy some moments to breathe without the hectic pace of life as a corporate professional is absolutely necessary.

Reasons Why One Might Struggle with Laziness

From the perspective of a counselor, laziness is actually the reflection that suggests an individual’s mental health and overall wellness needs some sort of examination.

One Perhaps Has Issues Pertaining to Value Linking

Value linking refers to whether one feels that an assignment aligns with your own values.

At work, you are often assigned tasks that appear mindless or useless. If you get tripped up by value linking, you might probably have a difficult time completing an important assignment for your boss—even if it is a top priority and due next hour or day—if you think the task has no value.

Most people have the capability to suspend their thoughts around value linking just to work on projects assigned to them by their superiors. However, some people find it almost impossible to do work that has little or no perceived value.

If you are a value-linking individual, it is important to speak to your boss regarding this. Make certain you ask about why a project or assignment is so important.

Dig in deep until you can truly align to the overarching value of work so you can finally get it done. Otherwise, you will reject getting started and continue to procrastinate, and earn the word “lazy.”

One is Lazy, as They Have Too Much to Do

When one works remotely, one is inundated with work from every aspect. His computer, phone. Notifications reminding when your on-line meeting is starting. It is way too much.

It has been seen many people respond to this experience of overwhelm with what seems like laziness. They hide. They drag the covers over their head and use their avoidance and unresponsiveness as a manner of saying, he/she is overwhelmed.

How to Encourage Individuals with Depression and Mental Health Issues

One of the finest methods to totally deflate and degrade someone having depression is to call them lazy. Language has enough power. When you notice someone being lazy at work, pause and consider how to motivate them.

Consider swapping out the word “lazy” from your dictionary completely. As mentioned above, laziness has quite a negative connotation and can bring up damaging feelings.

Encourage your employees, family members, colleagues to schedule routine into their calendars. Sometimes it is called “thinking time” or moments of space.

It may seem like laziness, but it is actually the most replenishing time one can put on their agenda.

Simply Lazy or Depressed – Both are Absolutely Fine

Laziness and depression are both parts of human life. Neither is good or bad.

Let us everyone work to relieve yourselves and each other of the intense judgment of the two human experiences.

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